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Nils Penner
Hamburg / Germany
Freerange / Exploited / Compost Black / Suol / Wazi Wazi

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Tel . +49 12 34567890

Resident Advisor


As he has never really learned an instrument but still feels the urge to express himself musically the plan becomes quite clear in 2006. The damn computer it is and therefore genres that are, at least nowadays, related to the maschine.

Nils starts working with Reason but due to a lack of consequence and skills he only ends up with „tons“ of loops. Until in 2007 he meets John Muder and Chi-Thien Nguyen while he works as Graphic Designer for their first imprint „Criminal Records“ (now running Suol). The guys become and stay close friends until today.

Showing John some of his loops becomes a fruitful combination and the project Penner+Muder is born. They produce their first demo and Sasse picks 3 tracks immediately for his label Moodmusic. The rest is history. Full length album on Moodmusic, first live gig ever at Panoramabar, gigs all over Europe and some critically acclaimed releases and remixes …

In 2010 Nils starts wandering on solo ways. He founds his own label Wazi Wazi together with Sasse and (having learned so much stuff from Thien and John) starts to produce his first solo releases.

Until today there is a lot more. Nils Penner Remixes for people like Luomo, Chasing Kurt, Paskal & Urban Absolutes and singles or exclusive compilation tracks for labels like Freerange, Exploited and Suol.



23/01/2016 Manuel Moreno - Hive, Zurich
29/01/2016 Manuel Moreno - Kiste, Baden
30/01/2016 Manuel Moreno - Hangar11, Winterthur
06/02/2016 Manuel Moreno - Kugl, St. Gallen
12/02/2016 Manuel Moreno - Hive, Zurich
13/02/2016 Manuel Moreno - Ritter Butzke, Berlin
19/02/2016 Manuel Moreno - L'Etage, Wil
15/03/2016 Manuel Moreno - Hive Audio Night @ Arosa Electronica, Arosa
17/03/2016 Manuel Moreno - Hive Audio @ Arosa Electronica, Arosa
16/04/2016 Manuel Moreno - Rok, Lucerne
30/06/2016 Manuel Moreno - OpenAir St. Gallen, St. Gallen

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